County Services


Administrator/ HR

Annual Budget
The County Administrator prepares and recommends annual county budget and tax levy.
Committee Member
The Administrator's Office accepts requests from interested citizens to volunteer for participation on committees and boards that advise the County Board.
County Board
The County Administrator is the Clerk of the County Board.  Duties include maintaining official County Board records, executing all County Board orders and resolutions, and managing special projects.
Fillmore County Park Ordinance

Regulations and rules for the use of and conduct in the parks of the County - Bucksnort and Masonic Parks.

Park Ordinance

Human Resources
Fillmore County Human Resources Department accepts and reviews all applications for advertised positions only.
Public and Private Information
The County Administrator is the officer for public information and data privacy.
Fee Schedule
Fillmore County Fee Schedule approved by the Fillmore County Board of Commissioners on 01/03/2023


Deters Aviation

The Fix Base Operator at the Fillmore County Airport is Deters Aviation. Deters Aviation provides; flight training, annual inspections, routine maintenance, major repairs and alterations, fuel, oil, parts, aircraft sales, and commercial pilot services. 24 hour service is available upon request.

Isaac Deters, the owner and operator of Deters Aviation, has been around the aircraft his entire life as both his father and grandfather are pilots and aircraft owners. He became a pilot over a decade ago and since then has earned instrument, commercial pilot, and flight instructor ratings.

To contact Isaac Deters of Deters Aviation, call 507-459-3488


Property Assessment
Assessing valuation and classification of all real and taxable personal property within Fillmore County for property tax purposes as provided by Minnesota State Statute.
Property Records
Maintains property record data on all parcels.


Advises the Fillmore County Human Services on matters involving adult and child protection, mental health, guardianships and conservatorships, and administration of various types of public assistance.  Prosecutes Child in need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) cases, Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) cases, guardianship and conservatorship cases, Mentally Ill or Chemically Dependent cases, Mentally Ill and Dangerous cases, Sex Offender Commitment cases, and representation on Administrative Licensing suspensions or revocations.  Pursuant to Minn. Stat. 388.051, the County Attorney gives legal opinions and advice to the Fillmore County Board.
Child Support Enforcement
Under federal law (Part D Title IV of the Social Security Act, 42 U.S.C. sec. 651 et seq.), Minnesota maintains a county-based child support enforcement program providing services in both public assistance and non-public assistance cases. The Fillmore County Attorney's Office provides legal services for the Fillmore County Child Support and Recovery Unit, the public authority for child support in Fillmore County.
Criminal Prosecution
Prosecutes crimes on behalf of the State that occur in Fillmore County.


Election Administration and Voter Registration
  • Conducts and supervises all county elections
  • Maintains and manages voter registration records
  • Prepares ballots and provides elections supplies to voting precincts
  • Trains election judges
See Passports
Property Transfers

The Auditor/Treasurer's Office is responsible for the processing of property transfers in Fillmore County and obtaining the State Deed Tax. We also accept Electronic Documents and ECRV's.

A copy of a recorded document can be obtained from the Fillmore County Recorder's Office.

  • Calculates and collects taxes for school districts, townships, cities, and special taxing districts
  • Prepares and mails tax notices
  • Collects current and delinquent taxes
  • Disburses tax collections to proper taxing districts
  • Tax Forfeiture Sale

For more information refer to the Property Tax section.

Vital Statistics & Licensing
PLEASE NOTE: Drivers License renewals, written/road tests and license tab renewals are NOT done at this location. Please contact the Auto License Bureau at 201 Fillmore St., Preston, MN. You may call them at 507-765-2281 or click here to see their website. Road tests are done by appointment only. To schedule a road test, please call 507-765-2935

  • Notary Commission
    • To obtain a Notary Commission go to the Minnesota Secretary of State Web site at: https://notary.sos.state.mn.us
    • When you receive your commission card you will need to register your commission at the Fillmore County Auditor/Treasurer's office if this is your resident county. 
    • Fee: $20.00 check/Money Order/Cash payable to Fillmore County
    • NOTE: Failure to register with your resident county may result in a civil penalty fee (usually larger than the county recording fee) imposed by the Commissioner of
      the Department of Commerce of Minnesota, who is responsible for the enforcement actions pertaining to a notary's misconduct
  • Minnesota Marriage licenses - Statute 517.08
    • This is a License to be married within the geographical boundaries of the State of Minnesota.
    • License is valid for 6 months. (Non-refundable)
    • Photo identification required
    • Both parties requested to be present at the time of application or 1 may apply and a supplemental form sent to the party not present.
    • Certified dissolution documents if either party has been divorced
    • Fees: check/money order/cash payable to Fillmore County $115.00 or $40.00 if documentation provided by educator that the parties have received at least 12 hours of
      premarital education per MN Statute 517.18.
    • Prohibited Marriages MN Statute 517.03
    • Note: There is a 5 day waiting period from the date of application. For concerns or to discuss how to obtain a 5 day waiver, contact the Auditor/Treasurer's office at 507-765-3811
  • Marriage Certificates
    • Application - click here

    • Fee – check or money order or cash (if in person) payable to Fillmore County. $9.00 per certificate

    • Application and fee may be mailed to:   

      • Fillmore County Auditor/Treasurer
        PO Box 466
        Preston, MN 55965

    • Note: Marriage Licenses may be purchased in any county to get married within the state. Wherever the license was purchased is where the certificate resides and a copy must be obtained from.

  • In addition, the Auditor/Treasurer's office issues licenses and permits for the following: 
      • Precious metal
      • Gambling
      • Liquor
      • Tobacco
      • Hemp Registration
      • Fireworks
      • Auctioneer
    For application requirements and fee inquiries, contact the Auditor/Treasurer's office at 507-765-3811.

Child Support

Locating Parents
To establish, modify or enforce a support order, the child support agency must have a current address or employment information for both parents. If the child support agency does not know where a parent lives or works, the child support agency can gather information from many sources.
Enforcing Support Orders
Enforcement is the application of remedies to obtain payment of a support obligation contained in a support order.
Establishing Parentage
Establishing parentage is a process to create a legal relationship between a child and the child's parent when no legal relationship previously existed.
Establishing Support Orders
Establishment is a process to obtain a court order that sets the amount of support the obligor must pay.
Payment Processing
The Child Support Payment Center (CSPC) processes support payments in Minnesota. Payments can be sent to: Minnesota Child Support Payment Center, PO Box 64326, St. Paul, MN 55164-0326. The obligor's participant number should be included with every payment. Sending payments to a county child support office will delay the payment. Sending a payment directly to an obligee when the child support agency is handling the case may result in the obligor not getting credit for the payment.
Reviewing and Adjusting Support Orders
Review and adjustment is the process in which information is obtained from both parties in a child support case and evaluated to determine if the support order needs to be adjusted for changes in the child support obligation.

Community Services

Community Resource Guide

This guide is provided as a resource guide for those who reside in Fillmore County. The challenges of life can be rewarding, demanding, confusing, and sometimes stressful. It is hoped that this publication and the many resources listed within will be a help in addressing life's day to day challenges.

Please note that this guide also includes resources and agencies that address issues associated with children and adults who may have special needs in any of all areas of life.

Community Resource Guide

Economic Development

Business Services

Business Information
The Fillmore County EDA can help you obtain information on regulations, market conditions, technologies and more.

Business Assessment
We can review you current business situation and make recommendations for the future.

Business Plan
For planning growth, marketing, etc., a strong business plan can make identifying those steps much easier.

Financial Analysis and Loan Packaging
If additional financing is one of you growth needs, we can help you analyze your businesses' financial situation, identify sources of financing, organize the necessary documentation, and assist you in preparing a loan application.

We offer strategic market analysis to help you clearly understand the characteristics of your customers and develop a solid marketing plan.

Site Location Assistance
We can help you navigate through potential sites for your new development. Choosing a site to meet all your business location needs will be challenging, will help your work with other city economic developers to match your business with the right location.

Financial Incentives

For more information on the following financial incentives, please contact Chris Hahn, Fillmore County Economic Development Coordinator, at 612-327-9729 or by email

Click the links below view and print Business Subsidy Policy & Application.

Business Subsidy Policy

Business Subsidy Application (Applies to all Programs)

Tax Abatement Program

The Fillmore County EDA adopted a tax abatement policy to be used as a tool for economic development throughout the county. Tax abatement is when a taxing board (county, city, and school) grants a taxpayer a stay of paying a tax for a short or long term, for a total or percentage of the tax. Tax Abatement Assistance will only be used when the abatement of taxes would be in the demonstrated interest of the tax-paying public.

Tax Increment Financing Programs

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a redevelopment tool authorized by State statute and used by cities and development authorities, such as the Fillmore County EDA, to finance certain public redevelopment costs. Projects financed with TIF must serve a public purpose such as redeveloping blighted areas, constructing low- and moderate-income housing, providing employment opportunities, and improving the tax base.

Loan Programs

Local, regional, state and federal agencies have several different loan/grant programs to assist different types of business throughout the county. For a list of available programs please contact the economic development coordinator for Fillmore County.

Fillmore County Loan Programs

Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)

Broadband Development Fund

Loan Guaranty


Fillmore County Documents

Business Resources

Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) www.auri.org 

CEDA (Community and Economic Development Associates) www.cedausa.com 

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development https://mn.gov/deed/ 

Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation www.smifoundation.org 

Small Business Administration www.sba.gov 

Small Business Development Center (Southeast Minnesota Region) http://www.rctc.edu/workforce/smallbusiness/

Finance Department

County Finances
The Fillmore County Finance Department is responsible for management of Fillmore County finances. These responsibilities include: 
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash management and investment of county funds
  • Debt Management
  • Monitors and manages all county bank accounts and reconciliation of accounts
  • Provides financial guidance for the County Board of Commissioners and all County Departments
  • Prepares the County's annual financial statements
  • Provides financial information to the State and Federal Government
Fillmore County offers vendors the option of receiving payments for invoices by automatic electronic deposit to your financial institution rather than by paper check. Some of the benefits include faster receipt and deposit of payments to your bank account, no lost checks and no cost to your company. 
Please complete the ACH Authorization Form and return to the Finance Department by mail, email or fax to begin receiving your payments by ACH. Upon receipt of the form, a prenote (a zero payment file) will be sent to the bank to verify the routing and account number. You will receive a detailed description of the payment via email on the transfer date. 
If you have any questions, please contact the Finance Department at 507-765-2814.
The Fillmore County Finance Department processess all payroll deductions and employee benefits


GIS Interactive Maps and Land Information

Fillmore County and the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Office work closely together to provide a variety of services. The objective of the GIS office is to develop, implement, and maintain a GIS database for the county departments, local government agencies, private companies, and the general public. The County GIS Coordinator is responsible for obtaining the necessary data for the county, performing quality control of the data, GIS layer development, and for the maintenance of the overall GIS system. The resulting GIS will have an effective land records management system that facilitates information gathering and provides accurate and timely information to the county departments and public.

The current GIS websites are NOT compatible with IE8. Please update your version of Internet Explorer or use Firefox to view the maps.

Highway Department

Construction Division
The Highway Department's Construction division handles all new road and bridge construction.  They also do all county and township bridge inspections and make recommendations for reconstruction.  During a county road project, all landowner easements are handled in this department.  Construction staff can be reached at 507-765-3854.
Highway Department
The Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance of county roads as well as the construction of new roads or bridges.  Additionally, items such as moving permits, utility permits and right of way information can be obtained in this office.  You may contact the County Engineer regarding any road issue at 507-765-3854.
Maintenance Division
The Highway Department's Maintenance division handles all county road system maintenance.  This includes (but is not limited to) snow plowing, road grading, road rocking, removing road obstructions (ex: trees), ditch mowing and blacktop patching.  Please contact the County Maintenance Supervisor with any maintenance issue at 507-765-3854.


Property Searches

The County Recorder is a satellite office of the Minnesota Secretary of State for filing UCC statements and any related filing, including lien searches in the state system.

Searches include:

  • Lien searches
  • Full abstracting which includes creating new abstracts and updating existing abstracts.
  • Tract searches and current owner searches
  • 40 year searches
  • Name searches
Recording Real Estate Transactions

Fillmore County Recorder’s Office maintains a permanent record of Real Estate transactions.

All documents, such as deeds, mortgages, releases, contract for deeds, mechanic liens, state and federal tax liens, and Subdivision Plats of land are recorded in this office.

Torrens Land Systems
All documents related to the Torrens Land Systems (Registered Land) are recorded in the office with the Registrar of Titles.


Burn Permit Information
For more information regarding burn permits, please click here.
Civil Process
Fingerprinting services are provided at the Fillmore County Jail. To set up an appointment, please call 507-765-3874, opt 2 to speak with a jailer. Most appointments can be made the same day. The cost to have fingerprints is $20 - payable by cash or check. Please bring a photo ID and any special fingerprint card you may have been issued.
Gun Permits/Firearms
  • Permit to Purchase applications can be dropped off in person or mailed to: Fillmore County Sheriff's Office; 901 Houston St. NW; Preston, MN 55965
  • Permit to Carry applications can be dropped off in person at the Sheriff's Office Monday - Friday, 8:00 am-4:30 pm
  • Permit to Carry fees
    • $100 for new
    • $50 for active or retired military members
    • $50 for active first responders
    • $75 for renewal if before expiration date
    • $85 for renewal within 30 days of expiration
If you have any questions/concerns, please call 507-765-3874, opt. 3
Prison Transport
School Liaison Program
Sentence-to-Service (STS)
Southeast Minnesota Violent Crime Enforcement Team

Social Services

Adult Foster Care Licensing
Single adults or couples over age 21 who are interested in becoming foster parents for vulnerable adults should contact Fillmore County Community Services.  The county will assess both the physical requirements of the home, and the applicant’s ability and willingness to serve as a resource for adults with mental illness or developmental disabilities, a federal background check and training are required.
Adult Mental Health
An Adult with a serious and persistent mental illness as defined by Minnesota statute qualifies for Adult Mental Health case management services.  Case managers can provide support, coordination of therapeutic serves and medication, assistance in accessing transportation, and informant and referral.  Additional services can be provided if the person qualifies for a Medical Assistance (MA) Waiver program or CREST funding.
Adult Protection
Reports of vulnerable adult maltreatment are screened within 24 hours.  If the report nets the criteria of Maltreatment and the person meets the statutory definition of a vulnerable adult, an adult protection investigation will be initiated. Social Workers will determine the vulnerable adults’ safety, level of risk, strengths, and on-going needs.  Adult protection services will be provided if determined necessary.  In some cases, Social Services will involve the court via a Commitment or Guardian/Conservator petition if deemed necessary.
Chemical Dependency
A person seeking help to overcome addiction may qualify for funding for inpatient or outpatient treatment services.  Eligible individuals are those who meet the income guidelines for Medical Assistance (MA) and who have had an approved Chemical Dependency Assessment (also called a Rule 25 Assessment).
Child Care Licensing

The purpose of licensing is to protect the health, safety, and well being of children. The State of Minnesota has rules for those who care for children. Information and forms are provided to assist you in your application for Child Care Licensing in Fillmore County.

A Guide to Becoming a Licensed Family Child Care Provider, is a plain-language handbook from the Department of Human Services and can be accessed by clicking here

Child Foster Care Licensing
Single adults or couples over the age 21 who are interested in becoming foster parents for children should contact Fillmore County Community Services.  The County will assess both the physical requirements for the home, and the applicant’s ability and willingness to serve as a resource for parents and children involved in the child protection system.  A federal background check and training are required.
Child Protection
Reports of child maltreatment within the family are screened within 24 hours.  Those reports that are about an alleged perpetrator outside the family unit are referred to local law enforcement.  Reports that meet the state guidelines for a child protection response are opened for either a Family Assessment or Traditional Investigation depending on the severity of the allegation.  Social Workers will determine the child’s safety, level of risk, family needs and family strengths.  On-going child protection services will be provided if determined necessary.
Child Welfare
Families may request voluntary services for help in the areas of parenting techniques, support, and child development concerns.  In addition, children over the age of 12 who are truant and under the jurisdiction of the court via a Truancy CHIPS also receive services in an effort to correct the truancy problem.
Children's Developmental Disabilities
Individuals with a full scale IQ below 70 qualify for case management services from a developmental disabilities social worker. Occasionally individuals with IQ's over 70 may qualify if they have a related condition. Case management services include advocacy, information, referral, and monitoring of services. Additional services can be provided if the person qualifies for a Medical Assistance (MA) Waiver program.
Children's Mental Health
Children who have a diagnostic assessment with a qualified metal health professional and are diagnosed with a severe emotional disturbance qualify for children’s mental health case management services.  A social worker can provide support, coordination of therapeutic services, in-home services, and access to parenting resources as needed.  In some cases, respite can be provided.  The most serious cases may be referred to a mental health center for case management services.
County Burial Assistance
When a person dies without a means to provide for his or her burial and the next of kin do not have the ability to pay for the burial, an indigent burial may be provided by Fillmore County. 
A County Burial Application must be printed/completed and turned in at Fillmore County Social Services. All applications must be authorized and approved prior to making funeral plans. 
Click HERE for more information regarding County Burials. 
Developmental Disabilities
Individuals with a full scale IQ below 70 qualify for case management services from a developmental disabilities social worker.  Occasionally individuals with IQ’s over 70 may qualify if they have a related condition.  Case management services include advocacy, information, referral, and monitoring of services.  Additional services can be provided if the person qualifies for a Medical Assistance (MA) Waiver program.  Waivered services can include foster care, respite care, employment supports, independent living supports, transportation, environmental modifications or adaptions, equipment and supplies, and some other specialized services as needed.
Minor Parents
A social worker will provide an assessment of a minor parent’s needs whenever the county is notified of a birth to a minor.  Minors who are receiving public assistance must have an on-going open case with a social worker for monitoring and service provision.   Minor parents who are not receiving public assistance can request service as well.


Disability Compensation
The Fillmore County Veteran Services Office can assist you with your application for disability compensation for service connected health issues, or help you make changes to your current service connection, or even help you in applying for back compensation.  For additional information please call us at 507-765-4937.
Veterans Burial Benefits

The Fillmore County Veteran Services Office can assist you with this process. For additional information, please call us at 507-765-4937.

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