Take extra care during scorching summer temps to help reduce runoff


Help protect our water and fish

With this summer's record summer heat, conditions are ripe for pollution runoff and the potential for increased fish kills. We are reminding agricultural landowners to follow best practices for applying fertilizer and manure.

Earlier this year, the MPCA, along with the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Natural Resources, launched a public awareness campaign to help protect water quality and reduce pollution runoff. The campaign includes the following application tips: 

Forecast: Avoid any applications when rain is forecast. Use caution when applying to saturated soil. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast tool can help determine the best time to apply.

Location: Observe all applicable setbacks to surface waters and sensitive areas. Pay special attention to areas of your fields where water flows after rain. Stay clear of steep slopes and surface water locations, such as rivers, streams, sinkholes, and wetlands.

Rate: Follow labels to ensure proper application rate. Use the University of Minnesota Extension’s manure management website to calculate the best rates for your fields.

Method: Reduce nutrient loss by selecting the best application method for your manure and chemicals and incorporate them into the soil immediately to decrease evaporation and runoff.

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