Wellness & Activities


Wellness Logo 2020

Mission Statement
 - To improve the health, well-being and quality of life of all Fillmore County employees by empowering people to promote and model positive attitudes and behaviors through a lifelong commitment to wellness.


  • To support healthy habits by providing educational support, incentives and health-related information to all employees
  • To increase wellness participation by all employees through easily accessible and attainable activities
  • Empower all employees to take more responsibility for their own health while adopting positive lifestyle changes

The Wellness & Activities Committee meets every two months. The main focus of this committee is on employee health and wellness and promoting a healthy lifestyle both at work and at home. If you have any ideas for future events, please contact one of the committee members. 

Fillmore County Employee Cookbook - published 2020

2024 Wellness Packet
Wellness Activities & Participation Confirmation Page

2024 Wellness & Activities Committee Members:
Duane Bakke, Ann Fretland, Bobbie Hillery, Jessica Holst,
Mitch Lentz, Stephanie Mensink, Kayla Peterson,
Brenda Pohlman, Terry Schultz and Shannon Smidt

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