Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm
fax: 507-765-4476 
Jeff Brand,
County Surveyor
909 Houston St NW
Preston, MN  55965

The Fillmore County Surveyor is responsible for the restoration and perpetuation of over 2700 section corner monuments of the Public Land Survey System in Fillmore County and determines modern measurements between these monuments. These corners were originally established between 1852 through 1855 with mostly wood post and/or stones. The County Surveyors office has on file a copy of these original Public Land Survey field notes. All property throughout Fillmore County is in some way described and located from these section monuments. Fillmore County pays $250.00 for each Section Corner Monument restored and Corner Certificate filed and approved by the County Surveyor.

All land surveys done in Fillmore County need to be filed at the County Surveyors Office. Our office contains over five thousand survey maps dating from 1852 to the present time. The County Surveyor prepares the Right-of Way Plats for all new County Highway land acquisitions and any survey work needed by the County. The County Surveyor also sets and maintains a network of high-accuracy control points for GPS measurements throughout the county.

The Fillmore County Surveyors Office is located in the County Highway Building north of the Sheriff's Building in Preston. Normal Office Hours are 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday

Jeffrey R. Brand
Fillmore County Surveyor, Minnesota Land Surveyor #26371

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