First Responders

Fillmore County
Sheriff: John DeGeorge
901 Houston St. 
Preston, MN 55965 
Phone: 507-765-3874

City of Canton

105 South Main 
Canton, MN 55922 
Phone: 507-743-5000 

Fire Chief: Bill Richardson 
Assistant Fire Chief: Kyle Rein
Fire House Phone: 507-743-8548 

City of Chatfield
21 Second St. 
Chatfield, MN 55923 
Chief of Police: Shane Fox 
Fire Chief: Ryan Priebe
Fire Chief: Luke Thieke
Assistant Fire Chief: Peter Erickson 
Fire House Phone: 507-867-1503 
Ambulance Director: Rocky Burnett

City of Fountain
104 Main St. 
Fountain, MN 55935 

Fire Chief: Jason Wright
Assistant Fire Chief: Chad Wangen
Fire House Phone: 507-268-4923

City of Harmony
Harmony Fire Dept. 
Main St. S. 
Harmony, MN 55939 
Phone: 507-886-5211
Fire Chief: Rod Johnson
Assistant Fire Chief: Craig Morem 
Fire House Phone: 507-886-5211 
Ambulance Director: Eileen Schansbe 
Ambulance Phone: 507-886-5211 

City of Lanesboro
202 Parkway Ave 
Lanesboro, MN 55949 
Phone: 507-467-3722 
Chief of Police: Blaise Sass
Non-Emergency Phone No: 507-467-3515
Fire Chief: Rob Wagner
Assistant Fire Chief: Jim Iverson 
Fire House Phone: 507-467-2225  

City of Mabel
P.O. Box 425 
Mabel, MN 55954
Fire Chief: Jeff Rein
Assistant Fire Chief: Steve Geving & Chad Loppnow
Fire House Phone: 507-493-5457 
Ambulance Director: Sarah Delaney
Ambulance Phone: 507-493-5299 

City of Ostrander
414 Main 
Ostrander, MN 55961
Fire Chief: Jason Rice
Fire House Phone: 507-657-2505
City of Preston
217 West Fillmore 
Preston, MN 55965 
Chief of Police: Blaise Sass
Fire Chief: Ramona Hernandez
Fire House Phone: 507-765-3801 
Ambulance Director: Ryan Throckmorton 
Ambulance Phone: 507-765-2153 

City of Rushford
407 S Elm St. 
Rushford MN, 55971 
Chief of Police: Adam Eide
Fire Chief: Chad Rasmussen
Fire House Phone: 507-864-7175 
Ambulance Director: Lynn Humble
Ambulance Phone: 507-864-7577 

City of Spring Valley
120 West Court 
Spring Valley, MN 55975 
Phone: 507-346-2150
Fire Chief: Troy Lange 
Assistant Fire Chief: Troy Harwood

Fire Chief: Dustin Johnson
Fire House Phone: 507-346-2150 
Ambulance Director: Susan Puffer, Lucy Drinkall, Mike Zimmer
Ambulance Phone: 507-346-7367 

City of Wykoff
217 Gold St. 
Wykoff, MN 55990
Fire Chief: Wade Baker
Assistant Fire Chief: Cory Bremseth
Fire House Phone: 507-352-2415 
First Responders: Teresa Swenson

Web link: Tips for First Responders http://cddunm.edu/products/tips3rdedition.pdf

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