Women's Shelter & Support Center


Women’s Shelter and Support Center

The Women’s Shelter and Support Center is committed to serving victims of domestic violence. We serve both women and men and all domestic violence cases with victims 18 years of age or older. The Women’s Shelter organization serves a 10 county area.
Talk with a trained advocate about your safety options, services available, and additional resources you can access during this time.
Fillmore County Domestic Violence Advocate: Laura 507-273-3547
Email: Lauran@womens-shelter.org
24-Hour Crisis Line: 507-285-1010
Visit the Women’s Shelter and Support Center Website at: www.womens-shelter.org

Services that can be provided with WSSC:

  • Crisis intervention/emotional support on scene or over the phone: discussing OFP/HRO, what happens next, safety planning, immediate needs, etc.
  • Safety planning
  • Lodging/shelter
  • Resources and referrals
  • Assistance in decision making/explaining criminal process (Foreshadow criminal justice process as well as explaining victim rights in accordance with MN statutes)
  • Assist with OFP/HRO
  • Communication/updates from prosecution or other agencies
  • Accompaniment to court hearings
  • Explain legal proceedings/updates after a hearing
  • Voicing wants/needs to the courts
  • Assist with Victim Impact Statement
  • Assist with Restitution/Reparations
  • Safe at Home applications
  • Guide and refer to other agencies based on needs
  • Referrals for counseling services/domestic violence groups
  • Continue safety planning for as long as needed
  • Support throughout the healing process
  • Aftercare and check-ins
Some of these services may cross over to the Women’s Shelter in Olmsted County, such as sheltering or accompaniment to the ER and also depends on advocate availability.
This list does not limit the amount of services we provide.

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