2019 Housing Study


In October 2019, Fillmore County received a completed Housing Needs Analysis from Maxfield Research & Consulting, LLC. The study examined the condition of housing in the county, as well as made projections on future demographic changes in the county and future housing demand.

The Study can be found here: 2019 Fillmore County Housing Study

The Study was inclusive of the entire County, which includes 24 townships and 13 incorporated cities, and divides the county regionally to reflect the widespread variety of housing demand in different markets. The Study also differentiates between types of housing demand, and the timeline of housing demand.

Key Findings of the Study Include:

  • Population is expected to grow 5.6% by 2030
  • The strongest growth in the county is expected in the Northwest of the County
  • Job Growth of 2% is projected by 2030
  • There is an estimated projected demand for 883 General Occupancy Housing Units, and 943 Senior Housing Units
  • General Occupancy and Senior Housing are needed in many design formats as well as both owner occupied and rental status.
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