Long-Term Care Consultations and MnCHOICES Assessments

This program assists individuals who live with long-term or chronic care needs in making choices about long-term care. Public Health staff will speak with you about your needs and wants, current types of support you have in place, types of available services, and program eligibility criteria. Together you will determine if you would like an assessment for services conducted at your home. The free assessment is referred to as a Long-Term Care Consultation or a MnCHOICES Assessment. After the assessment, recommendations will be made for you to consider regarding your supportive needs. 

There are several different programs available to community members based upon specific age groups or specific disability. These opportunities are called waiver programs. If you meet eligibility criteria, you may participate in one of the Minnesota Waiver Programs or you could choose to find alternative ways to meet your needs. 

During this process, Public Health staff are available to: 
  • Provide information and education about local long-term care options
  • Conduct a home visit to assess needs and help plan services
  • Complete Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Assessments
  • Aid with transition assistance for people who want to return to a community setting after admission to a nursing home or intermediate care facility (ICF)
  • Share information about public programs that can help pay for services
Public Health staff will make a recommendation for community services or a nursing facility/ICF when community-based services are not feasible. However, the client makes the final decision about these services. 

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Fillmore County does not discriminate based on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or handicapped status in employment or provision of services. 
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