Children's Services


Child Protection
Reports of child maltreatment within the family are screened within 24 hours.  Those reports that are about an alleged perpetrator outside the family unit are referred to local law enforcement.  Reports that meet the state guidelines for a child protection response are opened for either a Family Assessment or Traditional Investigation depending on the severity of the allegation.  Social Workers will determine the child's safety, level of risk, family needs and family strengths.  On-going child protection services will be provided if determined necessary.

Child Welfare
Families may request voluntary services for help in the areas of parenting techniques, support, and child development concerns.  In addition, children over the age of 12 who are truant and under the jurisdiction of the court via a Truancy CHIPS also receive services in an effort to correct the truancy problem.

Children's Mental Health
Children who have a diagnostic assessment with a qualified mental health professional and are diagnosed with a severe emotional disturbance qualify for children's mental health case management services.  A social worker can provide support, coordination of therapeutic services, in-home services, and access to parenting resources as needed.  In some cases, respite can be provided.  The most serious cases may be referred to a mental health center for case management services. Please click HERE for a Fillmore County Social Services Referral Form

Minor Parents
A social worker will provide an assessment of a minor parent's needs whenever the county is notified of a birth to a minor.  Minors who are receiving public assistance must have an ongoing open case with a social worker for monitoring and service provision. Minor parents who are not receiving public assistance can request service as well.

Child Foster Care Licensing
Single adults or couples over the age of 21 who are interested in becoming foster parents for children should contact Fillmore County Community Services.  The County will assess both the physical requirements for the home and the applicant's ability and willingness to serve as a resource for parents and children involved in the child protection system.  A federal background check and training are required.

Children's Developmental Disabilities
Individuals with a full scale IQ below 70 qualify for case management services from a developmental disabilities social worker. Occasionally individuals with IQ's over 70 may qualify if they have a related condition. Case management services include advocacy, information, referral, and monitoring of services. Additional services can be provided if the person qualifies for a Medical Assistance (MA) Waiver program.

Child Care Licensing
The purpose of licensing is to protect the health, safety, and well-being of children. The State of Minnesota has rules for those who care for children. Information and forms are provided to assist you in your application for Child Care Licensing in Fillmore County.

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