Adult Services


Adult Foster Care Licensing
Single adults or couples over age 21 who are interested in becoming foster parents for vulnerable adults should contact Fillmore County Community Services.  The county will assess both the physical requirements of the home, and the applicant’s ability and willingness to serve as a resource for adults with mental illness or developmental disabilities, a federal background check and training are required.

Substance Abuse
As of 7/1/2022, a person seeking assistance for a substance use disorder may contact the provider of their choice for a Comprehensive Assessment. Currently, there are no providers in Fillmore County. Search engines for providers are: SUD Home - Fast-Tracker (fasttrackermn.org) and Licensing Information Look-up
Medical Assistance or other insurance covers the cost of the assessment when medically necessary. If a person is uninsured, it is recommended that they apply for Medical Assistance. This can be done with a paper application or by creating an account and applying on www.mnsure.org. If a person is uninsured but eligible for Medical Assistance, funding for the cost of the Comprehensive Assessment may be authorized by the county. For inquiries, please contact Fillmore County Social Services Intake at (507) 765-2175

Developmental Disabilities
Individuals with a full scale IQ below 70 qualify for case management services from a developmental disabilities social worker.  Occasionally individuals with IQ’s over 70 may qualify if they have a related condition.  Case management services include advocacy, information, referral, and monitoring of services.  Additional services can be provided if the person qualifies for a Medical Assistance (MA) Waiver program.  Waivered services can include foster care, respite care, employment supports, independent living supports, transportation, environmental modifications or adaptions, equipment and supplies, and some other specialized services as needed.

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