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Want to apply? If you would like an application mailed to you call: 507-765-2175. You may also come into our office or print one off online.

Minnesota Health Care Programs include:

  • Medical Assistance (MA)
  • MinnesotaCare (MnCare)
  • Minnesota Family Planning Program
  • Home and community-based waiver programs

These programs might help you if you:

  • Cannot afford the cost of health insurance through your job
  • Do not have insurance because you are unemployed
  • Have a disability or chronic condition and need help paying for care and services you need to live at home
  • Need help paying for care in a nursing home, hospital or other medical facility
  • Have Medicare and need help paying the premiums or need services not covered by Medicare
  • Do not have insurance for a variety of other reasons

The Who is Eligible section of this site has more information about who can get help.
To see if you can get coverage, a worker will need information about:

  • Your income
  • Any assets you have, such as property or savings accounts
  • Whether you can get insurance elsewhere
  • Whether you have special health care needs, such as for a disability
  • And other information that may be required by law

You may need to pay:

  • A monthly premium or similar payment
  • Copays for certain services
  • Part of your income toward health care each month, if your income is over the limit

The amount that you might have to pay depends on which program you qualify for and your individual situation. For example, pregnant women and children generally do not have to pay anything. To learn more, read the information in the Who is Eligible section that best applies to your situation.

Generally, if you do not have special health care needs, you will need to pick a health plan through which you will get most or all of your health care services.

The following documents can be helpful resources:

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