Financial Assistance FAQs

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What is DWP (Diversionary Work Program)?

What is GA (General Assistance)?

What is MFIP (Minnesota Family Investment Program)?

What is MSA (Minnesota Supplemental Aid)?

Who qualifies to use Emergency Assistance?

Who does the Emergency General Assistance program help?

I have children and a low income job, which program can help me pay my heating bill?

What is S.N.A.P.(Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)?

I just need (SNAP) food support and health care coverage, do I have to come into the office?

How do I apply for Energy (fuel) Assistance?

What is Housing Support (HS)?

What is the (EW) Elderly Waiver Program?

What is the (AC) Alternative Care Program?

What is an Asset Assessment?

How do I apply for help through one of the medical programs?

What if I don't qualify for MA?

What is MNCare?

If I am applying for MNCare, what application do I need? And where do I send the application?

Although I am disabled, I am working. I still need help with medical costs, is there any help for me?

When will my benefits be on my EBT Card?

When will my case be processed?

Do you use gross income or net income in determining program eligibility?

What does MA cover?

How do I get a new EBT card?

County Burial Assistance

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