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Fillmore County Burial Fact Sheet

When a person dies without a means to provide for his/her burial and the next of kin have no ability to pay for the burial, an indigent burial may be provided by Fillmore County. 

Eligibility and approval for a County burial must be preauthorized
  • An application for County Burial must be completed
  • Applications are available by clicking HERE or by contacting the Fillmore County Social Services Office at 507-765-2175
  • Applications can also be obtained through the funeral director
  • All resources of the deceased will be reviewed and applied toward the cost of a county burial - this includes resources owned jointly or available through inheritance by a responsible relative
No enhancements
If Fillmore County assumes financial responsibility for final disposition, there cannot be any enhancements. If the family and/or friends of the deceased choose to enhance the funeral or make substitutions such as a casket of their choice, they will be obligated to pay for the entire cost.
  • Fillmore County provides for direct cremation or immediate burial if cremation is contrary to the beliefs or expressed wishes of the deceased
  • Fillmore County will not pay for accessory services or items such as flowers, honorariums, music, processions, cloths, printed materials, food or other such items
  • Fillmore County does not pay for cemetery markers/headstones
  • Fillmore County does not pay for decorative cremation containers/urns
Fillmore County Social Services Office
902 Houston St. NW, Suite 1
Preston, MN 55965
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