Child Care Assistance Program


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Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

CCAP helps pay for child care so low income families can work, job search, or attend school while moving towards self-sufficiency. CCAP helps pay for children up to age 12 and for children with special needs up to age 14.

There are three types of funding:

  • Families participating in Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP)
  • Families that had an MFIP case close within the last 12 months (TY)
  • Low-income families that may be eligible for the Basic Sliding Fee program (BSF)


Appeal Rights
Families and/or providers who are adversely affected by a County agency's decisions can appeal by sending a letter indicating disagreement or using the Appeal to State Agency. Appeals must be sent within 30 days after the County sends you a notice of action. Forms and/or letters can be sent to:
Minnesota Department of Human Services
Attn: Appeals Office
P.O. Box 64941
St. Paul, MN 55164-0941

Online Resources

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