Payment Information


Payment and account information is available 24/7 at Minnesota Child Support Online or by calling 800-657-3512. You will need your 10 digit participant number and PIN.

Paying Child Support
Most child support payments are made through automatic income withholding. When income withholding is not in place, you should mail payments to: 

MN Child Support Payment Center
PO Box 64326
St. Paul, MN 55164-0326

Include your participant (MCI) number or your social security number with the payment. 
Other options for paying child support include automatic-recurring withdrawal, PayNearMe, and MoneyGram. Credit and debit card payments are not available. Please contact Fillmore County Social Services for more information. Fillmore County is unable to process payments made over the phone. 

Receiving Child Support
Parents receive support payments by direct deposit into a checking, savings or stored value card account. 

How payments apply to cases
Federal and state regulations govern how payments are applied. If a parent owes support to more than one family, a portion of each payment is sent to each family. Most payments collected during the month pay current support first. If a family has been on public assistance, the parent who receives support may or may not receive arrears payments. Questions about how payments apply should be directed to your case worker.

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