Child Support


downloadEvery child deserves financial and emotional support from both parents. Child support services help benefit children by establishing paternity, establishing and modifying child support orders, and collecting support. Child support includes basic support, medical support, and child care support. A court order can require one or both parents to provide child support for his or her child.
The State of Minnesota and the Fillmore County Child Support office work with both parents to help children receive the support they deserve. You can apply for child support and collection services if you are the parent or alleged father of a minor child, a minor child lives in your household and at least one parent of the child lives away from home or if you are owed any arrears, even if the children in the child support order are 18 or older. 

Child Support Services include:  Services NOT provided by Child Support Services:
  • Establishing parentage/paternity
  • Establishing & enforcing court orders for child support, medical support and child care support
  • Modifying or adjusting support
  • Collecting and processing child support payments
  • Locating an absent parent
  • Enforcing child support when a parent lives outside Minnesota
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Custody and/or visitation
  • Establishing spousal support/alimony
  • Any legal advise or legal counseling

Applying for Child Support Services
To apply for services, you must first complete an application and return it to Fillmore County Child Support. If you are able to, please provide copies of any court orders addressing child support or paternity with your application. The child support application can be filled out online by visiting the Minnesota Department of Human Services website. Applications are also available in the Fillmore County Social Services office. If you would like an application mailed to you, please call the Social Services office at 507-765-2175 or email your request to childsupport@co.fillmore.mn.us to request an application. If needed, child support staff can also assist applicants with questions regarding the application. 

Service Costs & Fees

Parents may pay fees for these services. A $35 federal annual fee is charged if your children have never received cash assistance while living in your household and you receive at least $550 in child support during the year. The parent who applied for services pays a cost recovery fee equal to 2% of the amount of support collected. This fee pays for some of the costs associated with operating the Minnesota Child Support Program. A parent applying for any type of public assistance is automatically referred for child support services and will not pay any fees. 

For additional information on about Child Support services and the application fee, please visit the Minnesota Department of Human Services website. Assistance is also available 24/7 by calling 651-296-2542 in the Twin Cities/Metro area or 800-657-3954 outside the metro area. 

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