Notary Commission Filing


Fillmore County accepts check/cash/money order/credit cards
*Please note there is a 3% finance charge by the credit card entity to process these transactions and is collected with your payment. For charges $33.00 or less there is a $1.00 fee - $34.00 and above, 3% is applied* 

Notary Commission Filing

To obtain a Notary Commission, please go to the Minnesota Secretary of State Web site.

When you receive your commission card, you will need to appear in person in order to file your commission at the Fillmore County Auditor/Treasurer's office if this is your county of residence. Bring your commission certificate along with the fee to the Fillmore County Auditor/Treasurer's office for filing. You will need to have a photo id at that time.

Fee: $20.00 check/money order payable to Fillmore County, cash or credit card

NOTE: Failure to register with your county of residence may result in a civil penalty fee (this is usually larger than the county recording fee) imposed by the Commissioner of the Department of Commerce of Minnesota. The Commissioner of the Department of Commerce is responsible for the enforcement actions pertaining to a notary's misconduct

If you have additional questions, feel free to email us at auditor@co.fillmore.mn.us

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