County GPS Control Points


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MNDOT Survey Control Points

MNDOT has established survey control points throughout Fillmore County. MNDOT has created a file of these points that can be downloaded from their website and displayed using GOOGLE, BENTLY, ESRI or MICROSOFT Software. GOOGLE EARTH software can be downloaded for free on the internet. MNDOT website includes directions on how to download and install the GOOGLE EARTH software.

To download KML or KMZ file from MNDOT- click the MNDOT website address below.

To download information on where to obtain the "FREE" GOOGLE EARTH software and how to view the data- click the MNDOT address below.

If you need additional help please feel free to contact the Fillmore County Surveyor by email.

Fillmore County Surveyor's HARN Control Points

The past few years the County Surveyor has established Fillmore County NAD83 HARN 1996 Adj. Coordinate Values on several new monuments and existing MNDOT monuments throughout Fillmore County. These control points can also be displayed using the free "GOOGLE EARTH" software. The "KML" file containing the Fillmore County Surveyor control points can be downloaded from this webpage. Additional points are being added as needed and the "KML" file will be updated as each point is established therefore the user may want to update the "KML" file ever so often. Also available for download from this webpage are the "KML" files for the control points near the Fillmore county line established by the surrounding counties. WARNING! The coordinates in the actual KML input file for GOOGLE EARTH are approximate only and are used by the software for display purposes only. Please see the actual station text file for the HARN coordinate value which can be viewed in GOOGLE EARTH when you click on each individual control point. Also, the elevation shown on the station text file is approximate only and should not be used for elevation purposes, no bench marks were measured into at the time the control point was established. If you have any questions or need additional help feel free to contact the Fillmore County Surveyor by email.

The following zip file can be downloaded from this webpage. Click on the file below and choose SAVE. (Note: please read the included readme file prior to using the attached kml files)