Vital Statistics & Licensing

  • Birth and death certificates - see more information

  • Notary Commission
    • To obtain a Notary Commission go to the Minnesota Secretary of State Web site at:
    • When you receive your commission card you will need to register your commission at the Fillmore County Auditor/Treasurer's office if this is your resident county. 
    • Fee: $20.00 check/Money Order/Cash payable to Fillmore County
    • NOTE: Failure to register with your resident county may result in a civil penalty fee (usually larger than the county recording fee) imposed by the Commissioner of
      the Department of Commerce of Minnesota, who is responsible for the enforcement actions pertaining to a notary's misconduct
  • Minnesota Marriage licenses - Statute 517.08
    • This is a License to be married within the geographical boundaries of the State of Minnesota.
    • License is valid for 6 months. (Non-refundable)
    • Photo identification required
    • Both parties requested to be present at the time of application or 1 may apply and a supplemental form sent to the party not present.
    • Certified dissolution documents if either party has been divorced
    • Fees: check/money order/cash payable to Fillmore County $115.00 or $40.00 if documentation provided by educator that the parties have received at least 12 hours of
      premarital education per MN Statute 517.18.
    • Prohibited Marriages MN Statute 517.03
    • Note: There is a 5 day waiting period from the date of application. For concerns or to discuss how to obtain a 5 day waiver, contact the Auditor/Treasurer's office at 507-765-3811
  • Marriage Certificates
    • Application - click here

    • Fee – check or money order or cash (if in person) payable to Fillmore County. $9.00 per certificate

    • Application and fee may be mailed to:   

      • Fillmore County Auditor/Treasurer
        PO Box 466
        Preston, MN 55965

    • Note: Marriage Licenses may be purchased in any county to get married within the state. Where ever the license was purchased is where the certificate resides and a copy must be obtained from.

  • In addition, the Auditor/Treasurer's office issues licenses and permits for the following:
    • Auctioneer

    • Precious metal

    • Gambling

    • Liquor

    • Tobacco

    • Fireworks

    • For application requirements and fee inquiries, contact the Auditor/Treasurer's office at 507-765-3811.