Highway Department FAQs

What are the current spring road weight restrictions on the county roads?

View the current restrictions here

How do I contact a township official regarding township road questions?

Visit the Commissioners Local officials page for contact information.

How do I obtain a moving permit?

To apply for a county moving permit, see Moving Permit.  

State permit information can be found at the MnDOT website.

How do I apply for an access permit?

See Zoning departments forms webpage

How do I obtain a county map?

We redid our county map in 2015.  Cost of a map is $3.00.  Please stop by our office to obtain a map.  Or, you can view our county map.

Do I live on a county road?

The County Highway Department maintains only county road system roads.  They can be identified as CSAH (County State Aid Highway) or CR (County Road).  Most likely, if your address is named anything other than "County Road (#)", you are probably on a township or state road and they maintain their own roads, respectively.

My road is dusty. How do I obtain dust control?

The County does not offer dust control to residents on the gravel roads.  There are limited companies in the area that offer dust control products.  Some possibilities to try are Chuck Larson Dust Control at 507-273-1004, Chuck's Grain & Feed at 507-875-2247 or Freeborn County Co-op at 507-373-3991.


Attention Construction Contractors

Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be accepted by the County Engineer, at the Fillmore County Highway Department, Preston, MN until 1:30 p.m. on the 10th day of September, 2018, for the following project:

SAP 023-601-029: Bridge replacement and approach grading, located on CSAH 1, 0.2 miles west of Jct. of CR 109 and CSAH 1 over Beaver Creek, 3.9 miles south of Ostrander, MN. Major quantities include Bridge Slab Concrete (3YHPC-M), Prestressed Concrete Beams 27M, Bridge Approach Panels, Structural Concrete, Type S (TL-4) Barrier Concrete, Reinforcement Bars (epoxy coated), Remove Existing Bridge, Traffic Barrier Type 31, Steel H-pile, Common Borrow, Aggregate Surfacing Class 5, Turf Establishment, 55' Prestressed Concrete Beam Span & 32' Roadway.

Plan and proposal price is $50.00 picked up, and $55.00 if sent by US mail.