Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm
fax: 507-765-2139
Lantha Stevens,
Director of Nursing
902 Houston St NW Suite 2
Preston, MN  55965

Vision: “Partnering for a Healthy Bluff Country”

Mission: “Supporting healthy lifestyles among Fillmore County residents through performance, promotion, and protection.”

Fillmore County Public Health works to promote, protect and preserve the health and wellness of all Fillmore County residents. We do this by providing these six essential services:  

  1. Assure an adequate local public health infrastructure
  2. Promote healthy communities and healthy behaviors
  3. Prevent the spread of infectious disease
  4. Protect against environmental health hazards 
  5. Prepare for and respond to disasters and assist communities in recovery
  6. Assure the quality and accessibility of health services


Free Radon and Nitrate Testing 2015

Radon gas is found in over half of Fillmore County homes. Radon causes lung cancer. Testing your home for radon is easy, inexpensive, and quick. During February ... read more