Report Child Abuse

Maltreatment of Children
is a

It is our responsibility to protect children

Report any suspected child abuse or neglect to:
Fillmore County Social Services
(507) 765-2175

Ask for the Intake Worker

You can use this number during business hours
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM -- Monday-Friday
If it is after hours and an emergency, you can call:
Fillmore County Law Enforcement Center
(507) 765-3874

Reporting any suspected abuse or neglect is the responsibility of all concerned citizens for the protection of our children. It is a serious claim against someone and should be done as the result of specific concerns, not in retaliation for a perceived "wrong". A truthful report made in good faith will not reflect negatively on the reporter. Retaliation against a person who makes a report in good faith is strictly prohibited.