Child Support

Every child needs financial and emotional support from both parents. Child support includes basic support, medical support, and child care support. A court order can require one or both parents to provide child support for his or her child. The State of Minnesota and Fillmore County child support offices work with both parents to help children receive the support they deserve.

Child Support Services
• Locating parents
• Establishing parentage
• Establishing and enforcing court orders for basic support, medical support, and child care support
• Reviewing/modifying support orders
• Working with other states to enforce child support when a parent lives outside of Minnesota
• Collecting and processing payments for support

Service Costs
Parents who do not receive public assistance can apply for services and are charged a $25 application fee and a $25 annual federal collection fee. The applicant will also pay a 2% Minnesota cost recovery fee. This fee pays for some of the costs associated with operating Minnesota's child support program. Public assistance recipients are automatically referred for child support services and do not pay the application fee.

Services not provided by the child support agency:
• Divorces
• Visitation and custody
• Spousal maintenance (alimony) establishment
• Legal advice or counsel

Contact Information
Fillmore County Community Services
Child Support Unit
902 Houston St NW Suite 1
Preston MN 55965

Phone: 507-765-2175
Fax: 507-765-3895