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Birth and Death Certificates
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Birth and Death Certificates

How to Obtain a Birth or Death Certificate
A birth or death certificate may be obtained by mail or in person from the Fillmore County Auditor/Treasurer's Office only if you have tangible interest in the certificate.    

Apply in Person 
If you request a certified birth or death certificate in person, you will be asked to complete and sign an application stating that you have a tangible interest in the certificate. You will also be asked to show identification.  If you do not have identification, according to Minnesota Rules, part 4601.2600, subpart 6, you may have a witness attest to your identity.  Contact the Fillmore County Auditor's Office by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 507-765-3811 or 765-4701 if you have questions. 

Apply by Mail 
Print and complete the appropriate Birth Certificate Application form or Death Certificate Application form. The application form must be signed and dated in front of a notary public. Further instructions and information is available at the Minnesota Department of Health web site. Contact the Fillmore County Auditor's Office by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 507-765-3811 or 765-4701 if you have questions. 


  • Birth certificates are $26.
  • Death certificates are $13, additional are $6 each.

Mail to
Fillmore County Auditor/Treasurer
PO Box 466
Preston, MN 55965

Minnesota Marriage Certificates and Licenses

Minnesota Marriage licenses - Statute 517.08

*Update: Starting October 21st, 2015 Fillmore County will be going live with MOMS Online E-applications for a Marriage License.*

This means that you can fill out the required information online. Once you submit it, you will receive an email with a tracking number. Both applicants appear in person with the tracking number to sign the application at the Fillmore County Auditor/Treasurer's Office. We will have you review the information entered, provide photo id, write down your social security numbers, take an oath, sign and provide payment. We accept cash, check, or credit card (note there is a 3% finance charge if payment is done through a credit card).

ONLINE MARRIAGE APPLICATION - Available October 21st, 2015 

  • This is a License grants a marriage to be performed within the geographical boundaries of the State of Minnesota.
  • License is valid for 6 months. (Non-refundable)
  • Photo identification required
  • Both parties requested to be present at the time of application or 1 may apply and a supplemental form sent to the party not present.
  • Certified dissolution documents if either party has been divorced
  • Fees: check/money order/cash payable to Fillmore County $115.00 or $40.00 if documentation provided by educator that the parties have received at least 12 hours of
  • premarital education per MN Statute 517.18. Subd. 1b.
  • Note: There is a 5 day waiting period from the date of application. For concerns or to discuss how to obtain a 5 day waiver, contact the Auditor/Treasurer's office at 507-765-3811
  • Prohibited Marriages MN Statute 517.03
  • Effective August 1st, 2013  *Pursuant to MS 517.08 subd. 1a

    On May 14, 2013 Governor Dayton signed into law House File 1054, a bill that
    replaces the term "marriage" with "civil marriage" and allows "two persons" to
    marry, as opposed to "a man and a woman." The new law goes into effect at
    12:01am on Thursday, August 1, 2013 and allows same-sex couples to marry. The
    marriage license statute requires a five-day waiting period prior to issuance of
    a marriage license.

Marriage Certificate Application -

  • Application - click here
  • Fee – check or money order or cash (if in person) payable to Fillmore County. $9.00 per certificate
  • Application and fee may be mailed to:

Fillmore County Auditor/Treasurer

PO Box 466

Preston, MN 55965

Note: Marriage Licenses may be purchased in any county to get married within the state. Where ever the license was purchased is where the certificate resides and a copy must be obtained from.

Minnesota Official Marriage System (MOMS) certificate search engine website - click here

To file Ordination documents with Fillmore County contact the Court Administrator at (507) 765-3356.

Additional Genealogy Resources and area County Offices for Vital Statistics:

Olmsted County 507-328-7660

Mower County 507-437-9536

Houston County 507-725-5813

Winona County 507-457-6395 ext 6

Or MN Marriage License Index:

Fillmore County History Center: (507) 268-4449 Fountain, MN

Minnesota Historical Center: (651) 259-3000

Iowa Vitals (Iowa Dept of Health): Toll Free 866-227-9878

Wisconsin Vitals (Wisconsin Dept of Health): (608) 266-1373

Guide to Fillmore County Cemeteries, Fillmore County History Center Museum & Genealogy Library (507) 268-4449 Fountain, MN